SMS paper is used for wrapping materials. It can be used for plasma sterilization process

Directions For Use The materials which is to be sterilized are placed into the wire basket. If necessary, the indicator is placed into the wire basket. Wire basket is wrapped by SMS paper. After wrapping process plasma tape can be used to preventSMS paper opening. After sterilization process if any tear or damage on the product, please repeat process once more. Storage Keep products at room temperature 25°C It can be transported on temperature between 5°C-55°C. Shelf life of SMS paper is 5 years. The expiry date should be checked before use.
Sizes :
40cm x 40cm 50cm x 50cm 60cm x 60cm 75cm x 75cm
90cm x 90cm 100cm x 100cm 120cm x 120cm 150cm x 150cm

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